Best WorkOut Machines For Cardio & Leg Press

Undoubtedly when you first visit the gym, you get a tad bit overwhelmed with a plethora of machines. As a beginner, it is best to start with cardio and then to build your stamina for leg press and weight training. Usually, when someone says cardio, all one can imagine is spinning wheels on a stationary Air Bike or running on the treadmill. A combination of both can provide you with desired results in no time. We have gone ahead and compiled some best machines for Cardio and Leg press.

Best Cardio Machines



Air Bikes

Air Bikes at Structure

Trainers love it to the core and have even termed it as “Devil Bike”. Like all other workout bikes, its low impact on the joint and is easy to use, help with posture as it works relentlessly upon upper and middle back muscles. On your cheat days when you want to ward off the guilt, just hop on to it and burn loads of calories in a short time span. It is usually recommended to use for 20 minutes at moderate speed.



Latest Treadmills

The treadmill is one go-to machine for men and women alike due to its versatility. You can walk, run, sprint, jog and can even adjust the incline to be “hilly” to make it more effective for your cardio workout. It is generally liked by everyone because most people tend to have a 9 to 5 desk job and when they get on to it, their whole body gets the much-needed movement and even contributes to it. The trainers usually advise spending at least 30 minutes on the treadmill for fast results.

Best Leg Press Machines

Leg Press machines

Leg Press

Leg Press is extremely important if you want to build muscle, increase leg strength and build power in the lower body. Most gyms have two types of leg press machines. One involves sitting up straight against a horizontal plate with bent legs resting. You then push your body away from the plate with your legs straightened. You select the weight using this type of machine by sticking a pin in a weight stack.

The other sort of leg pressing machine involves you sitting at an angle that places your feet above your head against a platform by straightening your legs and filling the machine with weight plates to set the resistance. Because the leg press only allows movement in a fixed pattern, it is great for beginners or people who have to master the correct and safe movement pattern before moving to the more challenging barbell and dumbbell leg lifts.

They’re also useful for people who want to isolate the quads, hamstrings, a specific muscle, and glutes in this case. That’s because the machine’s fixed movement doesn’t require the stabilizing muscles–almost always the weak link that limits the amount of weight that can be shifted–so you can lift heavily and optimize muscle growth in the safest way possible.

Wrap Up

Every machine in the gym has its own purpose and usefulness. If you are a beginner or joining a gym after a long break, it is advised to start with these machines and then gradually move towards other equipment. You can also start with weight lifting along with these exercises.

Post Partum Fitness

Importance Of Exercise After Childbirth

Post Partum Fitness

Postnatal Fitness

Undoubtedly not only your body but whole life changes after childbirth. Especially the first few months of motherhood are completely blurred for all the new moms out there. Amidst learning the ropes of how to take care of your bundle of joy, it is important that you take care of your health and spring back to active life in order to feel less stressed and more energized.

The persistent, constant nagging thought that lurks in the mind of every new mom is how to lose all the flab that they accumulated during pregnancy. The immediate thought on every new mom’s mind is to get rid of the tummy fat & and get back in shape.

Post-natal exercises are no doubt very important after childbirth for your overall wellbeing and to cope with postpartum depression. It is highly suggested that you kick start with milder exercises after the first few weeks of the delivery.

Listed below are some of the benefits of exercise after childbirth.

 No More Aches & Pain

Postnatal exercises help in healing your body by getting rid of aches, pain and stiff muscles. Even after delivery, women experience aches all over their body, in order to completely get relief from this soreness and painful ache, exercising is necessary.

Enhance Your Mood

Undoubtedly when you exercise, endorphins are released which in return makes you happy and feel good about yourself. Pregnant women already go through an exhausting roller coaster ride due to hormonal shifts in their body. Through post pregnancy exercise, you not only feel light & happy but also regain back your zeal and zest.

Weight Loss

The weight loss process is sped up when you start working out after a few weeks of childbirth along with a balanced/ customized diet. Your general gym trainer guides you on what to intake and what to avoid especially if you are breastfeeding.

Stamina Levels

It helps in enhancing your stamina level which is extremely important for rapid weight loss and prolonged hours of sweating out. In the beginning, you will find it tough to even warm up by doing simple cardio for 10 minutes, but slowly and gradually, your stamina will build and even before you know it, you’ll be well ahead on your journey to fitness.

Reduce Postnatal Depression

Exercise releases endorphins which makes you feel happy, cheerful and contented. Also, it pulls you out of Postnatal or Postpartum depression.

Wrap Up

After childbirth, your body is still weak, raw and frail, recovering from all the stretching, pushing and pressing during childbirth. These exercises are extremely beneficial whether you had normal delivery or caesarian. Start off with light exercises such as lower belly & pelvic floor exercises. Moreover, it is highly recommended to talk to your doctor before starting any type of exercise. Become fit and fab mommy of the block soon with a little effort and inspiration. Also, many gyms offer exercise programs devised specially for all the new mommies. Search them, get referrals and enroll yourself in one which suits you the best.