Breast Cancer

Compelling Benefits of Exercise During & After Breast Cancer Treatment


Undoubtedly, surviving breast cancer and making through its complicated, tough, and arduous treatment is a great accomplishment. But, keeping it from returning is one of the biggest challenges for cancer survivors. According to the latest research, maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly can prevent the reoccurrence of breast cancer or any cancer for that matter.

It is important to keep yourself fit, active, and bustling to help you live a long and healthy life and to keep breast cancer at bay. Exercising regularly is your main weapon during and after cancer treatment. Gone are the days when Breast Cancer patients were asked to decline functional activity and rest as much as they can. Now, according to doctors and certified cancer exercise trainers all around the globe urge all the patients to keep themselves active and moving to build immunity and stamina to fight this deadly disease like a true warrior.

Listed below are some of the benefits of exercising during and after Breast Cancer treatment:-

Cognition and Memory

“Chemo brain” feeling foggy, dazed, and nebulous is experienced by many Breast Cancer Survivors. Others report a decline in concentration, memory, focus, and thinking. The latest research shows that survivors who exercise regularly showed a substantial improvement in regaining their focus, memory, and attention span.


After successful removal of Lymph nodes, one may end up with extreme pain and swelling as a result of the buildup of lymph fluid. If you start lifting light weights, then there is a hundred percent chance that you can prevent the ache.

Reduce Pain and Fatigue

Almost all cancer patients receiving chemo and radiation experience weakness, fatigue, and weariness. A recent study shows that indulging in a light workout can considerably alleviate pain and improve lethargy and exhaustion that one experiences due to the tough treatment. Exercise not only provide you with temporary relief but also has the power to get to the root cause of tiredness and languor.

Lower Risk of Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease

According to the latest research, Breast cancer survivors are more prone to heart diseases especially if they are obese and were smokers. Furthermore, certain cancer treatments play a major role in trigging cardiac complications. If you exercise religiously and incorporate aerobics, Zumba, and resistance training in your daily routine, then you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease & mitigate metabolic syndrome and reduce weight.

Improve Mood

It is a known fact that exercise releases endorphins which makes one feel happy, light, and gleeful. Doctors all around the world urge breast cancer patients to exercise and indulge in physical activity to help make them feel better and fight the disease with zeal. Do what makes you happy! Like Yoga, Light aerobics, hitting the gym, gardening, learning Salsa, or even bowling. Keep in mind that your exercise session should at least last for 35 to 40 minutes from mild to moderate intensity.

Bottom Line

It is suggested that one must consult with their oncologist and get a green signal before starting a mild to moderate exercise regimen. Don’t end up on the couch after you are done with your chemo, instead get up, get moving, and set up a living, breathing example for other breast cancer survivors!