Eid Diet Plan

Diet on Meethi Eid sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Don’t worry as we won’t ask you to skip your favorite sheer khorma or kheer or to stay away from the tasty mutton biryani.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

As it is the summer season and you are also on a weight loss plan, do not forget to keep yourself hydrated. Consuming enough water helps you lose weight and keeps you healthy.

Stay hydrated

Sweet Breakfast

Sweet breakfast with dates

we don’t fast on the day of Eid and this is ensured by eating something sweets in the morning. So, instead of eating some traditional sweets, reach out for 3-4 dates. You can also eat an apple, watermelon or papaya, which will not just satisfy your hunger but will also address your sweet tooth.

Cook At Home

For all the mentioned substitutes to work, you need to cook at home. Use low-fat milk and not full cream milk. You can also use brown rice. Instead of using sugar, use dates to make it sweet. Swap the heavy milk cream by adding some powdered dry fruits. Use low-fat milk and not full cream to make the delicious sweet dish.

We know you most definitely will visit your friends and family but do not forget not to go overboard. Eating home cooked food will save you health, money, and time.


Use Alternative Healthy Cooking Methods


For all the mentioned substitutes to work, you need to cook at home. Use low-fat milk and not full cream milk. You can also use brown rice. Instead of using sugar, use dates to make it sweet. Swap the heavy milk cream by adding some powdered dry fruits. Use low-fat milk and not full cream to make the delicious sweet dish.

We know you most definitely will visit your friends and family but do not forget not to go overboard. Eating home cooked food will save you health, money, and time.

Use Less of Salt

While focusing on not eating many sweets, we completely skip keeping a check on our salt intake. Instead of salt, you can opt for herbs and spices to enhance the flavour. Herbs and spices are rich in antioxidant and have antimicrobial properties too.

less of salt

Walk After Meals

Walk after meals

Walking after meals will not only help digest your food but also keep you energetic. Do not just plop yourself on a bed or chair after the Eid meals.

Best Gym in Lahore

The Role Structure Played in CHANGING Lives of its Members and Fitness Lovers During Pandemic!

Best Gym in Lahore

When the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) Brought the Beautiful Globe to Standstill and Ruthlessly Manacled, Curbed, Hampered Lives, Deteriorated Mental and Physical Health of people, Our main concern was not only to keep our Patrons Safe & Sound, but we were also Solicitous about their Overall Wellbeing. When the time came to implement the new safety measures for our Members, we not only went above and beyond the Standard SOPs but also set the tone for the fitness industry with our Hygiene & Safety Protocols.

Structure provided the needed Emotional Haven & Safe Fitness for its clients and played a significant part in changing their lives. We helped them to come out of COVID-19 Trauma and Start focusing on their mental health more than ever before.

When countries had shut their borders, traveling was closed, and people were separated from their Loved ones, Structure became their family and second home. Our Trainers helped them fight depression, Paranoia, anxiety disorders through exercise and build

strong immunity. Our Patrons left the Premises Jubilant, Elated, and Euphoric with new Motivation, Zeal, Zest, and Energy to tackle Life during Pandemic and Stay Strong!

During the past year, we transformed the lives of countless members and helped them achieve their fitness goals & strived hard to maintain, nurture, and cement our relations with the existing clients and offered the same warmth to our new clients and will continue to do so.

Hence, we can proudly say that we are Pioneer in Changing Lives during COVID-19.

Importance of Exercise During Ramadan!

Best Gym in Pakistan

In the Holy month of Ramadan, one not only restores their relationship with Allah Almighty but also works hard to improve and restore their relationship with health and physical wellbeing. People are usually a little apprehensive about working out during this holy month but according to the latest research conducted by Health 24’s Fitness Expert Habib Noorbhai, Fasting without working out for a month can cause relapse in strength & Fitness.

Therefore, Muslims all around the world must maintain their exercise regimen during this month of worship and self-reflection to remain fit and healthy otherwise they will lose four months of exercise if they stop working out in Ramadan.

The Key to maintaining your current workout routine without getting thirsty or parched is to increase repetitions, sets, speed, distance, and weights without intensifying the whole session. Do it slowly and at your own pace and don’t rush your workout.

Tips for how to work out while fasting

Listed below are some of the important tips on how to exercise while fasting:-

When to Workout

Undoubtedly, the time of your exercise is just as imperative and important as the type of workout or training you intend to do. If you want to lose all that Lockdown Weight and Flab, then it is ideal to work out before Iftar. But it is only best if you are used to working out on an empty stomach otherwise one can get dehydrated easily.

If you want to maintain your weight and lean clean muscle that you acquired after months of training, then it is ideal to work out after iftar. It is also ideal as one has consumed a nutritious meal and an adequate amount of Liquid to do a killer, high-intensity workout.

What to Eat

You must fuel up your depleted energy and glycogen level by consuming healthy carbohydrates at iftar. Instead of Gobbling Rice and pasta, consume whole grain, fruits, and vegetables. Also, don’t forget to take in your protein in the form of Lentils, beans, lean meats, or even protein shakes. Avoid fried, gluttonous, Sugary food that makes you lethargic after iftar.

During Sehri, take whole grain and protein such as Yoghurt, multi-grain bread, Eggs, fruits, oatmeal, smoothies, Minced meat, and Lots of liquid to keep you full and hydrated throughout the day.

Cardio Training

If you want to indulge in cardio before iftar then do it in low intensity as running or jogging at high speed can eat up your glycogen stores and your body will eventually use all the stored protein for energy. Moreover, just 10 minutes on Treadmill, elliptical, Bicycle, or Rowing is enough to get your heart rate up and burn calories.

Resistance Training

While fasting, apart from using stored carbohydrates for the much-needed energy, your body also tends to use protein storage. To prevent muscle mass, you must do resistance training and go for bodyweight exercises such as pushups, lunges and squats. Also, it is highly recommended to do weight training and indulge in some chest press, shoulder press, rows, and deadlifts.

Maintenance and Recovery

The holy month of Ramadan is not ideal to try to gain muscle as due to fasting this goal is nearly impossible. So, it is advised to maintain your fitness, muscle mass, and weight. Also, your main focus must be on muscle recovery.

Final Word

Fasting combined with moderate exercise not only improves insulin sensitivity, speeds up metabolism, helps in weight loss but also improves your eating patterns, makes your immune system strong, improves brain function, lowers your cholesterol level, and preserves muscles.

5 Tips To Get Shredded For Summer


It’s already Feb and summer is well on its way. With News of Vaccine finally arriving, most of us have already started planning our summer vacations and travel plans to meet our loved ones and soak in the soothing sun at the beach.

2020 not only ruined wrecked us emotionally & financially but also gifted us with those extra kilos due to Lockdown and quarantine. If you think that there is still time to achieve your summer body, then you are right. February is not only called the month of love, but also the month to achieve ultimate fitness.

Listed below are some of the important tips to get you on track and achieve your dream summer body:-

Tip#1:- Make Protein Part of Your Every Meal

Did you know that apart from building muscles, protein also aids in fat loss? According to a recent study published in American Clinical Nutrition, if you make protein part of your three mean meals, you will lose fat faster. They also conducted a survey in which they closely reviewed 24 cases studied and observed that people who consumed protein not only acquired more lean mass but also saw better weight loss.

Tip#2:- Stop Snacking

To get summer body ready, you must stop snacking as it can stall weight loss. Even healthy snacking can make your calorie intake go up and slow the process of ultimate weight loss. Therefore, it is advised to stick to three balanced meals in a day if you want to fasten up the process of weight loss and lose those last stubborn extra pounds.

Tip#3:- Consume Foods that Fight Cellulite

For women, to get shed those unwanted kilos and look lean in summer, they must consume food that fights cellulite. It usually develops as a result of the breakdown of collagen, the skin’s, connective tissue. Collagen is one of the many types of protein, so consuming food rich in protein can not only aids in strengthening the collagen fibers but also reduced that unwanted cellulite. One more important tip is to consume lots and lots of water with your high intake of protein. Fruits such as berries and flax seeds have an ample amount of collagen in them.

Tip#4:-  Follow a Low- Bloat Diet

Just a month before Eid or your vacation, it is advised to go on a low bloat diet. For this purpose, you must stop the consumption of food high in sodium as it can cause water retention. Furthermore, you’ll be surprised to know that foods such as broccoli & Kale can cause gas as they contain slow-digesting carbohydrates. Other healthy foods that are low in calories can also cause bloating, puffiness, and gas such as peas, beans, and apples. To prevent water retention, it is advised to consume food high in potassium like kiwis, oranges, avocados, and bananas.

Tip#5:- Get 7-9 Hours of Sleep Every Night

Whether you are aiming for muscle gain, fat loss, or a lean summer body, you must correct your sleep pattern. As lack of sleep can mess up your hormonal balance thus causing excessive hunger and cravings for food high in sugar and carbohydrates. Also, lack of sleep not only deteriorates your will power, motivation, and drive to achieve your goals but also cause you to cheat on your diet, skip your workouts, and have severe mood swings.

Final Word

Don’t let 2020 ruin your 2021 fitness goals and by following these simple tips, achieve your dream summer body and not only look good but also feel fit and happy.

Exercise, Your Secret Weapon during Cancer Treatment!

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All the doctors & Scientists around the world are trying hard to create a future without cancer. If you are undergoing cancer treatment, then you must take utmost care of yourself and make exercise a crucial part of your life.

Gone are the days when cancer patients were advised by their doctors to rest and reduce their physical activity when they were diagnosed with chronic illness. Nowadays, doctors actively advise cancer patients to be active as much as they can during chronic illness and especially cancer treatment. As too much bed rest results in weak muscles and loss of motion and body function.

According to a recent study, moderate exercises such as riding a bicycle, aerobics, daily walk, strength training using light weights not only speed up recovery but also enhance physical wellbeing.

Listed below are some of the benefits of exercise during cancer treatment:-

Reduce Cancer Related Fatigue

Studies show that cancer patients who are exercise regularly experienced 40% to 50% less fatigue & pain during therapies and treatment. By engaging in moderate exercise on daily basis improve general conditioning, increases muscle strength, joint flexibility, and also improves cardiovascular function.

Lessen Impact of Cancer and Its Treatment

During harsh cancer treatment and surgery, many of your organs are affected and impaired. Working out moderately on regular basis not only heal the damaged muscles but also protect bones and reduces the risk of cancer reoccurrence.

Increase Energy and Improve Strength

A well-designed exercise program with the help of your trainers and doctors not only help you feel better mentally and physically but also reduces the severity of treatment-related side effects. After the green signal from your doctor, it is advised to indulge in light breathing exercises, moderate aerobic exercises, strength training, and stretching. This strengthens your immune system, which is severely affected due to your treatment.

Increase Heart and Lung Function

Many cancer patients experience difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath, which can make them weak and bedridden. By exercising on regular basis, one can not only increase their heart and lung function but also accomplish their daily activities without any inconvenience.

Improves Chemotherapy

Recent studies show that engaging in physical activity, especially exercise restores energy, decreases stress and nausea that occur due to chemotherapy. Doctors recommend indulging in endurance and resistance training to overcome the brutal impact of chemo sessions.

Improve Mood and Well-Being

Exercise is known to elevate mood, lower levels of depression, anxiety, and panic attacks apart from offering drug-free, medicine-free treatment for the feelings of helplessness & depression that may occur in the patient due to cancer diagnosis.

Final Word

Cancer patients need to indulge in some form of physical activity to keep themselves strong, energetic, and lively during their therapies and treatment. It is thus their secret weapon against this deadly disease. It is not recommended to involve in high-intensity workouts but in the beginning, keep it slow and less intense and then gradually increase the commotion.


Breast Cancer

Compelling Benefits of Exercise During & After Breast Cancer Treatment


Undoubtedly, surviving breast cancer and making through its complicated, tough, and arduous treatment is a great accomplishment. But, keeping it from returning is one of the biggest challenges for cancer survivors. According to the latest research, maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly can prevent the reoccurrence of breast cancer or any cancer for that matter.

It is important to keep yourself fit, active, and bustling to help you live a long and healthy life and to keep breast cancer at bay. Exercising regularly is your main weapon during and after cancer treatment. Gone are the days when Breast Cancer patients were asked to decline functional activity and rest as much as they can. Now, according to doctors and certified cancer exercise trainers all around the globe urge all the patients to keep themselves active and moving to build immunity and stamina to fight this deadly disease like a true warrior.

Listed below are some of the benefits of exercising during and after Breast Cancer treatment:-

Cognition and Memory

“Chemo brain” feeling foggy, dazed, and nebulous is experienced by many Breast Cancer Survivors. Others report a decline in concentration, memory, focus, and thinking. The latest research shows that survivors who exercise regularly showed a substantial improvement in regaining their focus, memory, and attention span.


After successful removal of Lymph nodes, one may end up with extreme pain and swelling as a result of the buildup of lymph fluid. If you start lifting light weights, then there is a hundred percent chance that you can prevent the ache.

Reduce Pain and Fatigue

Almost all cancer patients receiving chemo and radiation experience weakness, fatigue, and weariness. A recent study shows that indulging in a light workout can considerably alleviate pain and improve lethargy and exhaustion that one experiences due to the tough treatment. Exercise not only provide you with temporary relief but also has the power to get to the root cause of tiredness and languor.

Lower Risk of Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease

According to the latest research, Breast cancer survivors are more prone to heart diseases especially if they are obese and were smokers. Furthermore, certain cancer treatments play a major role in trigging cardiac complications. If you exercise religiously and incorporate aerobics, Zumba, and resistance training in your daily routine, then you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease & mitigate metabolic syndrome and reduce weight.

Improve Mood

It is a known fact that exercise releases endorphins which makes one feel happy, light, and gleeful. Doctors all around the world urge breast cancer patients to exercise and indulge in physical activity to help make them feel better and fight the disease with zeal. Do what makes you happy! Like Yoga, Light aerobics, hitting the gym, gardening, learning Salsa, or even bowling. Keep in mind that your exercise session should at least last for 35 to 40 minutes from mild to moderate intensity.

Bottom Line

It is suggested that one must consult with their oncologist and get a green signal before starting a mild to moderate exercise regimen. Don’t end up on the couch after you are done with your chemo, instead get up, get moving, and set up a living, breathing example for other breast cancer survivors!


Best Gym And Swimming Pool Facility in Lahore

How To Stay Safe At the Gym and Avoid COVID-19

The world has slowly started to reopen and now people can get back to the weight rack and cardio machines to lose Lockdown weight and kick start their fitness journey. However, one must adhere to all the SOPs, safety precautions, and rules set by the gym management to stay safe during COVID-19.

Listed Below are some of the precautions one must take to avoid Coronavirus while burning off the extra fat that you accumulated during quarantine:-

Practice Social Distancing

swimming pool

Observing physical distancing is extremely crucial while working out. Gyms have placed their equipment 6 feet apart so that you can work out safely and without the fear of catching the deadly virus. It is important to stay in your work out zone and not roam around chatting with your gym buddies or coming near the members who are working out vigorously without their masks on.

Bring Your Supplies

best gym in Pakistan

It is best to bring in your gym supplies like towels, water bottles, and yoga mats. When you bring in your towel, it ensures that it is not contaminated and is safe to wipe off your sweat beads after your strenuous workout. Furthermore, you can bring your water bottle so that you don’t have to touch the water dispenser. It is advised to clean, wash and sanitize your bottle thoroughly well after leaving your fitness club

Attentive Sanitizing

best gym in Pakistan

Ensure that all equipment is sanitized and disinfected before and after you use them. Gyms have extra cleaning staff in place who deep clean each machine with premium quality disinfectants for the safe usage of their patrons. Corporate with the cleaning staff and don’t speed up the cleaning process. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes for the deep cleaning and wiping down of elliptical machine, treadmill, bikes, and weights before you touch or use them.

Wear a Mask if You are 6 feet apart from other gym members

best gym in Pakistan

Don’t take off your mask in common shared areas of your gym before and after your workout. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to wear masks while exercising, therefore, if you have 6 feet distance between you and other members, then take off your mask while working out. Mask helps you from getting droplets of other members and vice versa.  Especially if you are doing lower intensity workouts that won’t elevate your heart rates like yoga and Pilates, then you must wear masks.

Wash and Sanitize Your Hands Frequently


Wash and sanitize your hands frequently and avoid touching your face, nose, and eyes. Gyms have installed sanitizers and hand washes basins at regular intervals for the safety of their members and staff.

Wrap Up

According to experts, if you follow the above-mentioned precautions, then you are safe at the gym. Structure Health and Fitness, go extra mile for the safety and wellbeing of their members. We have taken extra precautions and necessary safety measures to protect our members from COVID-19.

Best Fitness And Facility in Pakistan

Benefits Of Exercising During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic



During COVID 19 Pandemic, apart from taking care of your health, following all the SOPs implemented by WHO and CDC, it is also important for people of all age brackets to be as physically active as possible. WHO has even launched a Be Active campaign, which helps one to be active and strong during the current situation.

With limited physical interaction, being active is more important than ever. As it not only reduces anxiety & stress but also improves mood, wellbeing, and boost your immune system.

Listed below are some of the benefits of exercising during Pandemic:-

Exercise Lowers Stress

According to recent research, physical activity like running, jogging, and exercising have a good positive effect on the immune system by mitigating the stress level. Psychological stress can lead to the common cold and other health hazards. Working out regularly not only tends to create great emotional resilience to acute, short term stress but also protects one from falling sick.

With the current situation, anxiety and stress are on the rise among masses, which can lower one’s immune system.  When you exercise, the brain releases chemicals such as endorphins and serotine that reduce the risk of depression, help improve mood, and reduces health risks.

Help Boost Immune System

Several studies show that exercising enhances the circulation of natural killer (NK) cells, immunoglobins, T cells, and other immune cells that play a vital role in the body’s defense against illness, germs, and pathogens. During exercise, natural killer (NK) cells travel to sites of inflammation to seek out damaged cells and pathogens and even help the immune system to detect cancerous cells.

Recent research shows that skin wound healing is faster in people who work out regularly when compared to those people who do not indulge in any form of physical activity. Furthermore, exercise also has a profound effect on adaptive (memory) immunity which comprises of T and B lymphocytes cells.

Exercise is Good For Metabolic Health

Poor metabolic health is directly linked to poor immune system function; that is why people with chronic medical conditions like diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma, and Cystic Fibrosis are at higher risk of having complications from infections like Coronavirus and flu.

One can have good metabolic health by indulging in regular exercise & a higher level of physical activity.

Muscles, Bone, Flexibility, and Balance

Physical activity and exercise not only increases flexibility and balance but also improves muscle strength and bones. Therefore, in this current situation, everyone needs to exercise to build physical strength and strong health to prevent diseases and reduce health risks.

Final Word

No doubt regular exercise is extremely beneficial for both body and mind. It helps manage & maintain weight, reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, reduce high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and various cancers that can make one more vulnerable to COVID-19.




Cardio Traniners in DHA

Necessary Precautions Against the Recent Outbreak Of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Your Health is Important to Us!

Structure Health and Fitness have stepped up precautionary measures on preventing the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The safety of our members, guests, and employees is of paramount importance to us. We have taken the following precautions against

  • Daily staff is briefed to reinforce the rules and practices to maintain club hygiene.
  • Providing additional alcohol-based hand sanitizers to our valuable members.
  • Disinfecting gym equipment or other high touch areas on an hourly basis.
  • Our management, staff, and employees wash their hands frequently for at least 20 seconds.
  • It is recommended to avoid touching their eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Hand sanitizers are placed at guest contact areas such as reception, inside the gym and in washrooms.
  • Special attention has also been placed to sanitize public contact points such as minibar, reception counters, and gym floors. The cleaning of Washrooms, Sauna, Jacuzzi and Pool area have also been stepped up.
  • Daily meetings are conducted to review the situation; we are in constant communication with staff and guests to keep them updated and to advise them on appropriate measures to take.

We remain vigilant and will work closely with the authorities for the health and safety of all stakeholders.

What We Expect From Our Dear Members

  • Avoid hugs or high fives in the gym.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer machines when you arrive and at the time of exit.
  • Stay at home if you are sick.
  • Wipe the reformers before and after every session. Please use tissues instead of cloth. You are welcome to bring your wipes too.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

Staying healthy is in everyone’s best interest. See you on the floor.


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Compelling Tips To Become A Gym Regular

New Year, new me is undoubtedly everyone’s New Year resolution. People make goals of achieving fit, smart and toned bodies and hence hit the gym to achieve them. But, in reality, your gym, its environment, members working out there in full zeal and gusto can make you feel uncomfortable and a little bit intimidating. The real reward lies pushing through all these obstacles and initial trepidations and thus acquiring the body of your dreams.

As they say, success lays out of your comfort zone. In order to get you to kick ass ready for the gym, feel more familiar with the surroundings we have compiled some powerful tips. By following them, you can not only carve your own spot, overcome systemic barriers but also get the ultimate feeling that you belong in that environment.

Here are some of the tips that you can follow to become a gym pro:-

Tip#1: Become Friends with Front Desk Staff

Greet the front desk staff with a warm welcoming smile and try to befriend them. By becoming their friends you will not only feel at home when they greet you with cordiality whenever you step into the gym but also you can complain to them easily about any gym equipment if it’s broken or need replacement.

Tip#2: Wear Your Favorite Gym Attire

Undoubtedly feeling confident, happy and comfortable gym clothes can fill you with new, invigorating optimistic energy and fuel your efforts in achieving your set goals. It is highly suggested to wear vibrant, bright and lively colors to boost up your energy and morale.

Tip#3: Focus On Exercises You Love

Another tip to become familiar with your gym surrounding is to pick up your favorite exercise and master it. You will not only get a confidence boost, self-assurance but will get a thing to bolster and even help out your fellow gym members. Moreover, when you enjoy what you are doing, then it not only becomes easy to show up at the gym on time, but you also feel more confident.

Tip#4: Have a Plan

You can easily streamline your gym time by walking in with your work out plan. This way, you will not only feel more motivated but will also know the exercise in a precise order so that you can execute them perfectly.

Tip#5: High Traffic Times

Know well in advance of the high traffic time of your gym so that you’re not in for a surprise. Usually, before 10 am and after 5 pm tend to be the peak gym hours. If you feel anxious working out amidst so many people then call your gym and ask them about their off-peak hours. In this way, you can work out in the gym when it’s less crowded and use the equipment without waiting for it to get free.

Tip#6: Start And End Time Of Your Session

To remain focus and tune in to your workout without wasting time aimlessly doing the elliptical and watching others doing their game, it is suggested that you set a start and end time of your workout session. These set boundaries will motivate, encourage & prompt you to go in the first place with the comforting knowledge that you will be back to your personal heaven soon.

Tip#7: Make A Gym Buddy

Try to join the gym with your partner or make a new gym buddy so that working out becomes fun. Also, try out some group classes offered by the gym and make new friends over there. This will help you break down the discomfort, distress, and uneasiness that you feel every time you enter a room full of strangers.

Wrap Up

By following these easy tips you will become comfortable with your gym environment in no time and thus become gym regular.