Why to be fit at 40’s?

Getting fit beyond the age of forty can be intimidating. Not only do we have to build muscle where there is none, but due to the ageing process, our skin has started to lose elasticity and, networks of fine lines on our face, hands and arms and joints are more susceptible to injury. But if you haven’t been in shape and decide it’s time to give it a go, you have made the wisest decision of your life! There has been much research conducted on the benefits of exercising by 40.

Recent studies have shown that exercise and physical activity can help you maintain or partly restore your strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Furthermore regular, moderately intense physical activity can lower your risk of heart disease, heart attack  and stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. And if that weren’t enough reason to exercise, you will also sleep better, feel better overall, deal with stress better, have more energy and have a better outlook on life.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of professional athletes who are in their late thirties and forties. That is why today more people around 40s get the inspiration to gain fitness and revolve their lifestyle around exercising and working out.

Forty is a good number to start off with your fitness mantra. People are more settled and have much time to relax and think about their health in this age.

You need to remember this; when starting a new exercise regimen, moderation is the key. Start with low-impact exercises, low weights when weight lifting and be sure to include lots of stretches before, during and after your workouts.