Exercise, Your Secret Weapon during Cancer Treatment!

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All the doctors & Scientists around the world are trying hard to create a future without cancer. If you are undergoing cancer treatment, then you must take utmost care of yourself and make exercise a crucial part of your life.

Gone are the days when cancer patients were advised by their doctors to rest and reduce their physical activity when they were diagnosed with chronic illness. Nowadays, doctors actively advise cancer patients to be active as much as they can during chronic illness and especially cancer treatment. As too much bed rest results in weak muscles and loss of motion and body function.

According to a recent study, moderate exercises such as riding a bicycle, aerobics, daily walk, strength training using light weights not only speed up recovery but also enhance physical wellbeing.

Listed below are some of the benefits of exercise during cancer treatment:-

Reduce Cancer Related Fatigue

Studies show that cancer patients who are exercise regularly experienced 40% to 50% less fatigue & pain during therapies and treatment. By engaging in moderate exercise on daily basis improve general conditioning, increases muscle strength, joint flexibility, and also improves cardiovascular function.

Lessen Impact of Cancer and Its Treatment

During harsh cancer treatment and surgery, many of your organs are affected and impaired. Working out moderately on regular basis not only heal the damaged muscles but also protect bones and reduces the risk of cancer reoccurrence.

Increase Energy and Improve Strength

A well-designed exercise program with the help of your trainers and doctors not only help you feel better mentally and physically but also reduces the severity of treatment-related side effects. After the green signal from your doctor, it is advised to indulge in light breathing exercises, moderate aerobic exercises, strength training, and stretching. This strengthens your immune system, which is severely affected due to your treatment.

Increase Heart and Lung Function

Many cancer patients experience difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath, which can make them weak and bedridden. By exercising on regular basis, one can not only increase their heart and lung function but also accomplish their daily activities without any inconvenience.

Improves Chemotherapy

Recent studies show that engaging in physical activity, especially exercise restores energy, decreases stress and nausea that occur due to chemotherapy. Doctors recommend indulging in endurance and resistance training to overcome the brutal impact of chemo sessions.

Improve Mood and Well-Being

Exercise is known to elevate mood, lower levels of depression, anxiety, and panic attacks apart from offering drug-free, medicine-free treatment for the feelings of helplessness & depression that may occur in the patient due to cancer diagnosis.

Final Word

Cancer patients need to indulge in some form of physical activity to keep themselves strong, energetic, and lively during their therapies and treatment. It is thus their secret weapon against this deadly disease. It is not recommended to involve in high-intensity workouts but in the beginning, keep it slow and less intense and then gradually increase the commotion.