It is important for us to provide certain rules and regulations and to uniformly enforce them in order to make our facilities tidy, safe, and enjoyable for all. Structure reserves the right to alter and/or add to the rules in order to maintain the best possible exercising environment. Please familiarize yourself with the following rules. Facilities may vary at different locations.

Dress Code for Workout Areas

Appropriate, freshly laundered gym attire is required. Closed toe, athletic shoes must be worn at all times. Torn or cut off clothing, jeans, flip-flops, aqua shoes, sandals, bare or stocking feet are unacceptable on the workout floor. Bathing suits are required in pool, spas, Jacuzzis, and saunas.

Check-In Procedures

On every visit to the club you are required to show your Structure card. Structure reserves the right to refuse entry to any person who fails to produce her/ his card.

Gym Bags

Gym bags are to be stored in a locker and are not permitted on exercise floor.


  • All fees including Registration Fees and Monthly Fees and are non-refundable.
  • All personal training’s are controlled and managed by the management.


We reserve the right to withdraw all or any part of the facilities when it may be deemed necessary for repair, maintenance, alteration or for safety reasons or alternative use. You cannot seek any reduction or compensation in your monthly/ periodic fees if a certain facility is closed for any of the above reasons or on a public holiday(s).

Courtesy Rules

  • Consideration of others is an absolute rule.
  • Treat others as you would have them treat you.
  • Rack all plates, barbells and dumbbells after use.
  • Do not drop or bang free weights, machine weights or dumbbells.
  • No food or drinks in exercise areas. Plastic spill proof bottles are permitted.
  • You must allow others to work through when performing multiple sets.
  • Do not stand on exercise benches.
  • Do not move equipment.
  • Do not place weights on ground or upholstery.
  • No loud or strange noises during workout.
  • Clients may not bring their own exercise equipment into facility.
  • Good personal hygiene is necessary.
  • No children under 10 years of age are allowed in exercise areas. Children. aged under 16 must be supervised by an adult member at all times.
  • You must refrain from operating appliances e.g. ACs, fans, music system,and independent TVs etc.
  • NO SMOKING or chewing gum anywhere in facility.
  • Showers are required before entering pool area which includes sauna,pool and Jacuzzi.

Risk Warning

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you correctly operate or use any facilities and/or equipment provided by Structure premises, including the adjustment of levels or settings on the equipment. All persons entering the Structure premises and using its facilities, including all machines and equipment do so at their own risk. Neither Structure management/ its employees, nor any associate company/ body are responsible or liable for any injury, loss, fatality or damage whatsoever caused to any person or their property. Similarly, Structure is not responsible for any personal belongings lost, stolen, or left in the premises or in the parking lots.

Structure reserves the right to refuse entry to any person or a guest, at its sole discretion.

Clients must comply with these and other rules and regulations as may be communicated by the management. We reserve the right to ask a person involved in any violation of the rules and regulations or due to a behavior which is inappropriate in view of the management, to leave the facility and refuse admission.