Training in Your 40s and 50s

Many people think reaching their middle years is a time to give up or that their youth has passed and so has their capability to “get fit”. Not true!

Studies conducted by scientists took 2 groups of people, one group was aged 18 to 22 and the other was aged 35 to 50 who followed the same weightlifting routine for 8 weeks.

Subjects were scanned before and after the program and researchers found that both groups had made nearly identical strength and muscle gains. So if you are middle-aged you are physically capable of building muscle, reducing fat and greatly improving your overall health and fitness status. But it is vital to make sure you have a trainer at least for the first month of your fitness regime because as we age our bodies are more susceptible to injuries. So it’s not worth taking a risk if you decide to take back control of your fitness. Keep in mind that muscle recovery also takes a little longer also.

And guess what, your metabolism isn’t going to be a problem.

Research shows that the average adult’s metabolism slows by about 1 to 3% per decade. So if you maintain your muscle, you maintain your metabolism. If you add muscle, you increase your metabolism. If you increase your metabolism then fat will start to shift and give way to a leaner more defined physique.

Why, then, do so many people gain weight as they age?

For most people, the answer is very simple: lifestyle changes. If your diet is high in oil (like most Pakistani diets are), low in fresh fruit and vegetables then your calorific intake will outweigh what your metabolism burns on a daily basis. You need to reign in the calorie intake in order for your metabolism to do its job effectively.

So there’s no excuse not to embrace a new health regime. Age is officially not a factor anymore!

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