Beginners to Avoid

Starting a new workout plan is an exercise in patience. Weight loss and increased fitness aren’t achieved overnight after all. Many times in our haste to get fit, we end up getting injured or suffering from excessive muscle soreness “that makes you not want to move at all”!. Not only are these ailments painful, but they can also sideline you from workouts for days and weeks on end, defeating the purpose of starting the exercise plan in the first place.
Injuries people most often encounter at the outset of new workout routines range from pulled muscles to knee pain to tendinitis and beyond.

Fortunately, if you educate yourself prior to starting an exercise routine, you can avoid many of the most common mistakes people make or you find the right place and right people to educate you at your workout initiation that is STRUCTURE Health and Fitness in two major destinations in Pakistan that is in Karachi and Lahore.

Let’s discuss the four things to avoid in your workout beginning

Doing Too Much Too Soon

You’ve had a great week of workouts, so you think to yourself, “Why not up the ante and try for more next week?” While a slow build from one week to the next is an important principle of any training plan, getting overzealous about adding mileage, reps, or weight can be a recipe for disaster.

“Soft tissue adaptation takes time and you can’t make your body adhere to your schedule,”

So whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds or be able to run 3 miles without stopping, patience and a slow build are key to the success of any workout plan. This means not only embracing a moderate progression, but also taking rest days to allow your body important recovery time.

Not Listening to Your Body

“People often think pain is a normal part of training and that they should push through or ‘suck it up,’

While some soreness and discomfort will accompany any new training plan, actual pain should not. If you back off as soon as you begin to experience any intense aches, you often won’t require more than a day or two of down time before hopping right back on the bandwagon.

On the other hand, if you ignore those bodily signals, you’re more likely to end up with a full-blown injury. This is the type of scenario that can derail you from pursuing your fitness goals for weeks on end.

Poor Form

Everything from an inefficient running gait to incorrect form in the weight room can cause issues for both fitness veterans and rookies. “If the body is not in a properly aligned position, stress and torque will be placed on joints in a way in which (the body) was not designed,”

For instance, if you’re starting a new running program, landing excessively on your heels has been shown to cause knee problems, while landing on your toes can lead to Injuries. With strength training, improper technique when using certain machines and weights can also lead to a whole host of ailments.

“Little muscles get overworked and angry, and joints get uneven wear when they are torqued,” “This is often felt as tightness, and progress to a serious

This again highlights the importance of listening to your body. If a movement or exercise feels awkward or painful, you should seek help from a trainer to coach you on the proper approach.

Bad Shoes

While a piece of equipment won’t generally solve all of your injury issues, it can definitely help prevent them. Getting the right kind of footwear and being sure to replace them regularly will go a long way in keep you up and moving.

“My advice is to find a shoe that allows your foot to function as a foot, rather than inhibit it,”

This will mean different footwear for different people, depending on bio-mechanics and types of workouts. If you will be executing more lateral movements, for instance in a studio class, you may want a shoe that provides a bit of ankle support. On the other hand, if you’ll be running, a traditional running shoe is your best bet.

Hope this may help you understand the importance of working out at right place in the supervision of experienced trainer.

By: Rizwan Khadim

Self transformation and Total Transformation of a Body Program

Many of us seek a change in their fitness. Whether fallen off the wagon, become bored with doing the same thing, or need a change of scenery, it’s natural to change up your routine But maybe the change you need is a bit different than what you think. Perhaps the transformation we’re seeking should go far beyond mixing it up or trying something new to strengthen our love affair with fitness. What if we could figure out a way to make this transformation the last one we ever need—a transformation that changes fitness from a must do, to a want to do, so it never feels like a assignment again?!

It’s natural to embark on a fitness journey searching for a radical change in weight, shape, size, or habits. We have this grand vision dancing in our heads, but the route to get there can be tough, overwhelming, and perhaps, a bit out of reach. Inevitably, we struggle to keep going. That’s often because the focus is on one big, daunting goal, and the changes are too extreme, conflicting too fiercely with your established habits.

What to eat, what to do (and not do) and other behaviors that affect your Fitness are hardwired to some extent. Simply deciding to eat better, exercise or take better care of you doesn’t magically make the change happen. It’s understandable that the healthier choice sometimes loses out. Instead, we need to realize there are short-term gains before those long-term goals. Lets figure out does exercise ultimately make you fit, energetic, or happy? Does it help you sleep better or focus longer? It’s time to take note!

Find the Positive

Make yourself involved in healthy routine which are associated with ridding your body of excess fat. Workout or eating right can seem like a negative instead of a positive. we naturally want to rebel or associate negative thoughts with the good behavior, making it harder to continue. When you even think about going against, it becomes harder to continue and much easier. What if, instead, you found activities you love and keep you healthy…

I would like to suggest that part of transforming your body and reaching your fitness goals is realizing that nothing will happen in moments but rather small changes will lead to your ultimate transformation. To initiate the fitness routine you need to go with the latest trend, healthy diet and equipped GYM that is STRUCTURE Health & Fitness and follow below steps

Set short time Goals

Prepare yourself for not achieving goals in short while and target for short term goals which will lead you to your final destiny, set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals, which will make your life easy and you will feel happy by achieving pond before river.

Feel rewarded and Move On

When you see immediate benefits of working out and better food choices, it will start connecting the dots for you. It will be the time to take rewards, state out loud how proud you are of your decision, note the reward you’re feeling from the good choice you made in the moment, and then make a plan to do it again!

Change Your Relationship with Exercise

When you must do something, you tend to feel trapped. When you want to do something, you search for opportunities to fit it in. Getting to the place where you want to move more and eat well takes times.

If you are already doing your routine work out fed up doing that you doesn’t find good results; therefore you only have two choices either you leave exercise or find some good workout session to keep yourself motivated and revive your body for the better results again, and in other case if you are new to gym never attended workout programs than you must need sort of training session which will direct you towards right path and prepare your body to move that way in respected manners to achieve your goals in due time..

Transformation begins with changing your mindset. When you decide that moving and fueling your body are gifts that provide immediate return on investment, you’ll look at healthy choices a bit differently. Then, when you begin to notice what you’re receiving in exchange for your time and effort, you’ll begin to reward yourself with more of the same.

Find a Workout which will help you transform your body

There we are STRUCTURE has introduced the combination of cross fit, boot camp and Cardiovascular workout names TOTAL TRANSFORMATION OF A BODY which is the perfect for every age group to revive and restart their fitness exercises under the supervision of most talented and experience trainer Mr. Nasir.

TOTAL TRANSFORMATION OF A BODY is one of the most famous programs at STRUCTURE and it has been largely appreciated, people have enjoyed doing workout and made phenomenal changes in them, and help people to make Fitness a lifestyle. There’s proper volume, duration, intensity and type that will magically make exercise a lifelong habit. Yes, there are recommendations for maximal benefit.

Blogged by: Rizwan Khadim