Hybrid Workout Class

Hybrid workout Class

A hybrid workout class which is perfect for people looking to have some fun and build some strength , endurance , cardiorespiratory fitness all the while hitting their fat loss goals and get involved into fitness and health lifestyle

The class uses beginner to intermediate level movements so it is perfect for people who have recently got into fitness lifestyle as well as more experience members. The trainer uses his skill to scale each exercise to the levels of the participants. Making each exercise easier or more challenging as per the needs of individuals in the class.

The class uses the newest and traditional workout styles like resistance training , hiit , cardio kickboxing , tabata , Zumba , dance , CrossFit , liit , kettle bell, trx, and many other styles of workouts

Haider Ali Khan

Hybrid trainer

Sore? Tired? out of breath? sweaty? good .. Its working
A group who HITT together , gets FITT together

  • Certified Personal Training
  • Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Certified Group Personal Training Specialist
  • Certified Transformation Specialist
  • Certified DNA Based Coach
    Master Fitness Trainer
Hybrid Training
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Haider Ali Khan has been fantastic! Easy-to-follow plans that aren’t cluttered with obscure exercises, a nice back to basics with a few modifications here and there to spice up the workouts.
Hybrid Training
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I had an awesome experience training with Haider Ali Khan. He put together a personalized and comprehensive workout plan for my unique goals AND he helped me stay motivated and accountable for the three months that we were working together.
Hybrid Training
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Haider Ali Khan is a superb trainer. He’s extremely knowledgeable and explains every move so that I know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it — which is super helpful

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